Sistema di campionamento riscaldato


Il sistema HOFI™ BOX offre ottimi prestazioni per i prelievi a caldo. Ideale per gas corrosivi (Soluzione Plug & play per: MIR FT, MIR 9000H, Graphite 52M, Topaze 32M,…).

Il sistema di prelievo può essere utilizzato con gli analizzatori ENVEA mod. MIR FT, MIR 9000H, Graphite 52M et Topaze 32M

The HOFI™ BOX sampling system uses the Hot Wet Extractive (Wet Basis Analysis).

  • Double stage dust filtration
  • Span and zero gas injection at sampling point
  • Automatic back-flush function
  • Sample transfer up to 50 m (clean & wet sample) by 140-180°C heated line
  • Longer heated sampling line available
  • Heated probe with choice of materials & lengths to suit application
  • Waste Incineration (Municipal Energy from Waste or Industrial)
  • Sludge Incineration
  • Gas turbines
  • Power Plants
  • Boilers
  • Paper Mills
  • Glass, Cement, Petro chemistry and
  • Chemical Industry…
  • Fertilizer plants
Technical Specifications
HOFI heated filter temperature 180-190°C
Primary filter (in the probe) 20 μm (depending on probe type)
Fine filter (in the box) 0.5 μm
Sample flow rate 30 to 120 l/h
Dimensions 400 x 600 x 200 mm (W x h x D)
Weight 15 kg (IP55 enclosure)
Power supply 230 V/50Hz or 110V/50-60Hz
Consumption approx. 400 VA
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Flange DN100-PN20 / 4’’-150 lbs (others upon request)
Hot Wet Extractive (Wet Basis Analysis)
The gas sample is extracted and transferred through heated sampling lines. It is heated above 180°C in order to avoid acid dew points for the analysis process. Upon arrival to the analyzer, the sample is hot and wet.
COMPLIANCE WITH: EU Regulation IED (WID / LCPD / MCPD directives) and US EPA (40 CFR 60 & 75) – “Sampling system used in/or AMS certification”

  • TÜV CERTIFIED EN 15267-3
  • U.S. EPA APPROVED 40 CFR 60 ET 75
  • QAL1 EN 15267-3, QAL3 EN 15267-3