Fin dai primi anni dell’azienda, l’ENVEA ha offerto analizzatori e tecnologie complete, affidabili e complete, per il monitoraggio di gas e della qualità dell’aria. Per sviluppare una strategia sostenibile, abbiamo sempre cercato di diversificare e sviluppare prodotti all’avanguardia. Le unità di business del Gruppo comprendono:
Envea Expertise
Air Quality – Since the early years of the company, ENVEA has developed air quality monitoring instrumentation. The current e-Series ambient air monitors include unique features of sustainable eco-design, low carbon footprint, ultra low power consumption, and over 95% of the analyzers are recyclable.

Emissions – By studying existing and emerging regulations, the Group developed instrumentation especially for monitoring high concentration levels exclusively focused on emissions. Multi-parameter sampling and processing systems implement the latest technologies in gas analysis.

Data Acquisition & Processing – ENVEA Group’s data management technologies validate information gathered by the analyzers. In turn, this anticipates environmental concerns so actions can be taken before pollution begins. Our expertise is focused on design and implementation of customized software and hosting data centers of air quality monitoring networks and industrial emissions.

Particulates – ENVEA Group is an expert in continuous measurement of particulate emissions, dust releases, and gas flow within industrial stacks. In harsh environments where standard monitors cannot operate, our technologies make it possible to comply with regulations and improve industrial performance and increase profitability.

Process & Optimization – ENVEA Group’s specialty of optimizing production processes for the industrial sector results in energy savings, limits material loss, and reduces pollution. Detection and measurement systems for solids, powders, dusts and granulates provide solutions to increase efficiency and product quality and prevent emission excess.

Dioxins – with its AMESA range, ENVEA specializes in the long-term, continuous sampling of dioxins, furans and other persistent organic pollutants (UPOPs) in order to reduce their emissions in the environment with respect to the Stockholm Convention and the IED Directive 2010/75/EU.

Mercury – The Group offers customized measurement solutions for industrial process, laboratory safety, and ambient air emission. We have developed a unique technology that avoids the use of chemical reagents, resulting in low operation and ownership costs.

TDL Sensors – Group’s Research & Development division has developed tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy instruments for the detection of very low or very high gas concentrations. The analyzers are used in industries requiring highly accurate results, and fast response times.

Engine Exhaust – ENVEA Group offers engine exhaust gas analysis systems. Designed to measure emissions from combustion engines regardless of fuel type, these are designed to comply with the latest emission regulation in a modular design.

Micro-Sensors – The Cairsens sensors are integrated systems allowing for measurement of odors and air quality down to the ppb concentration levels. Can be standalone, powered by solar panels allowing for exterior set up. They can be integrated with autonomous and wireless for real-time data access. Data management is on the Cloud, with access by PC or an App.

By combining ENVEA’s technologies, the company is unified, strengthened. All the business and manufacturing units come together to maintain the company’s commitment to solving complex new challenges within environmental monitoring realm. Our diverse product lines converge to provide consistent and reliable performance, greater efficiency, cost reduction, manageability, and sustainability.