Chi Siamo


Our people and their safety is a core value at ENVEA, representing one of the foundations on which our success has been built and embedded in the culture of our company. It is more than just procedures and processes. It is a mindset which puts our people first and cares for their well-being above all else.
Envea QHSE
“At ENVEA, we believe that safety, quality and good management are inextricably linked. This is making us have a technically and economically competitive offer, maintain our lead in continuously evolving professions, manage risks cohesively throughout every step of the project, and guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.”


  • Ensure the safety of our operations in a preserved environment
  • Protect the health of every person working for the Group
  • Prevent harm to people and do all that is necessary to prevent the occurrence of any accident
  • Anticipate and control exposure in the workplace and exercise his or her withdrawal right in case of serious and imminent danger
  • Compliance with legislation in effect and controlling its application
  • Consult and involve staff and their representatives in the continuous improvement on these matters
  • We encourage our employees to report any dangerous situation
ENVEA’s Health and Safety Risk Management is certified ISO 45001.
Each facility further implements tailored initiatives to enhance their HSE standards depending on their specific needs and technologies. We measure, evaluate and review our safety and health management system continuously, so that its overall safety and health performance improves constantly. We learn from relevant experience and apply the lessons.